Photo by Matt Pecora

While camping...

in Pemberton BC, in the summer of 2014, and drinking vodka and clamato; we sat disappointed, dreaming of the world's best Caesar. 

"Wouldn't this be way better if we had everything else we needed in one bottle? One you could just squeeze into this. A squeeze bottle; a Squeezer for your Caesar."

We started making them in our kitchen for family and friends, and before long were selling in stores. Our neighbours, BLVD Bistro in North Vancouver, kindly offered us production space after hours and things kept growing. Before long we found a great local producer to help us keep up with demand.

Now, we're stocking Caesar Squeezers across the country – helping other Canadians celebrate their favourite cocktail!


Caesar Squeezers was started by Michelle & Shawn, shoot us an email at our homes in North Vancouver, BC