Happy Canada Day! It's the big 1-5-0 for our home and native land and it's going to be a party nationwide. Canadians will patriotically adorn red and white and attend backyard bbqs, parties, parades, street festivals and local watering holes while waiting for the evening's fireworks. Lobster rolls, poutine, freshly caught salmon and meat on the grill; menus will differ from coast to coast but the beloved Canadian cocktail the "Caesar" is sure to be a hit all around.


Coincidentally it is Caesar Squeezers 1st Birthday! We are  proud to share this day with the True North and we will be sipping this celebratory Caesar thinking about how we hit shelves exactly one year ago. Using some pretty amazing Canadian products we have whipped up our celebratory Caesar. 

Here is our list of must haves for today's Canadian cocktail:  

•Caesar Squeezer Seasoning Sauce

•Amola Caesar Rim Salt  

•Shelter Point Distillery Canada One Artisan Vodka 

•Walter Craft Caesar Mix 


•Kaylin & Hobbs Horseradish Pickles  

•Maple Bacon

•Candided Salmon


  1. Rim glass with salt and fill with ice. 
  2. Pour 1oz of vodka and top off glass with Clamato. 
  3. Season Caesar with  1oz of Caesar Squeezer. 
  4. Garnish with pickle, maple bacon and candied salmon.