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Proud to be Canadian.

Only in Canada can you hand someone a glass of clammy tomato juice and with a smile and a “thank you” have it turned into a delicious and unique cocktail. 

A Calgary classic since 1969, The Caesar has become Canada’s signature cocktail. From coast to coast you can find this tasty favourite in bars, lodges, cabins, and docksides in every city, town and village in this great country. 

Now with this Vancouver innovation you can have the perfect Caesar any time, any where.



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It takes the thinking out of making a Caesar.
The only problem I have is I can’t make a Caesar without Caesar Squeezers! The bar has been set!
Your label should say that it makes a great addition to meatloaf… or is the perfect ingredient for bits and bites – just sayin’”
We are superfans – I drink virgin caesars all day and Caesar Squeezers makes them taste phenomenal!


PUT SIMPLY, Caesar Squeezers will make making the World’s Best Caesar simple.

Our Story

born in canada

With a view of snow capped mountains, the laughter and shouts of our best friends and the sun shining down on our faces as we enjoyed the simple pleasures of camping in beautiful British Columbia, we wondered how could this moment possibly be any better? The answer could not have been more obvious- with a Caesar of course!

But these are the times in our lives when everything is so perfect that there is no way that we settle for a sub-par version of our favourite cocktail. So we decided that the answer to our only problem in life (how to make the perfect Caesar while camping) was to optimize and simplify the caesar making process by mixing together all of the spices and juices to season the perfect caesar and putting them in one bottle. And voila! Caesar Squeezers was born. Perfection.

Vodka, clamato and #SqueezeAway. What could be better?