The Shamrock


Saint Patrick's Day, or the Feast of Saint Patrick, is a celebration held on 17 March, commemorating St. Patrick the patron saint of Ireland. Put on your green attire and raise a glass!



•Caesar Squeezer Seasoning Sauce

•Seasoning Salt Rim

•Jameson Irish Whiskey




•Cucumber Clover

•Guinness Cheddar Cube

•Irish Banger Sausage


1. Rim glass with salt and fill with ice.

2. Pour 1oz of Jameson Irish Whisky and top off glass with Clamato.

3. Season Caesar with 1oz of Caesar Squeezer.

4. Garnish with a cucumber clover, Guinness cheddar cube and piece of Irish banger sausage.

Have an Irish inspired Caesar this Saint Patty’s Caesar Sunday!

Shawn LeeComment