The Spot



BC Spot Prawn season is right around the corner and is a West Coast sweet and tasty delicacy. Available in May in restaurants, grocers, seafood shops or right off the local docks. Pick some up and get creative cooking in the kitchen or mixing up some drinks. Ocean to Table or Ocean to Bar don’t miss out.


•Caesar Squeezer Seasoning Sauce

•Old Bay Seasoning 


•Lemon Juice






•BC Spot Prawn

•Celery Stick

•Lemon Wedge

•Old Bay Seasoning


1. Rim glass with Old Bay Seasoning and fill with ice.

2. Pour 1oz of vodka and top off glass with Clamato.

3. Season Caesar with 1oz of Caesar Squeezer and a squeeze of lemon.

4. Garnish with a BC Spot Prawn, lemon wedge and sprinkle of Old Bay Seasoning.

We hope you enjoy BC Spot Prawn season as much as we do!

Shawn LeeComment