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Cinco de Mayo is a holiday that celebrates Mexico’s victory over France in the battle of Puebla. It’s is also a great reason to get dressed up and eat and drink all things Mexican. Try our Mexican inspired Caesar. Viva Mexico!



•Caesar Squeezer Seasoning Sauce

•Tajin Mexican Seasoning

•Jose Cuervo

•Lime Juice






•Jalapeño Pepper

•Slice of Lime


1. Rim glass with Tajin Mexican Seasoning and fill with ice.

2. Pour 1oz of Jose Cuervo and top off glass with Clamato.

3. Season Caesar with 1oz of Caesar Squeezer and a squeeze of lime.

4. Garnish with a Taquito, sliced fresh jalapeños, sliced lime and sprinkle of Tajin Mexican Seasoning.

Feliz Cinco De Mayo!

Shawn LeeComment